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Presentations and posters

Presentation for introducing PAIN OUT



Overview on the posters presented and presentations/talks given on congresses and meetings:

Poster download

R. Zaslansky et al.: Implementing clinical practice guidelines and assessing pain-related patient reported outcomes. Preliminary data from PAIN OUT, an international acute pain registry. EFIC conference Florence, 2013. Download.

K. Donauer et al.: Regional anaesthesia after total hip and knee replacement: Analysis of pain and treatment related side-effects from the Pain-out registry 32nd Annual ESRA meeting, Glasgow September 2013. Download.

J. Garcia-Lopez et al.: Analgesic consumption after total knee replacement in 11 European hospitals participating in the PAIN OUT project. ESA congress 2013. Download.

Ana-Maria Iuonut et al.: Non-pharmacological interventions used by patients after surgery. Preliminary findings, international registry, PAIN OUT. IASP 14th World Congress on Pain, Milan  2012. Download.

Antoine Bahati Kabeza et al.: Introducing evidence-based management of acute pain to Rwanda: A pilot study. IASP 14th World Congress on Pain, Milan  2012. Download.

R. Zaslansky: PAIN-OUT: An International Registry for Acute Postoperative Pain and a Platform for Studying Acute to Chronic Pain Transition. Benzon Symposium no 57, Copenhagen, 2010. Download.