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Proposals for scientific publications

Whenever a PAIN OUT partner wants to use multicenter data for publications, all PAIN OUT centers that have contributed data can request collaboration or raise objections (see the PAIN OUT publication strategy which is an annex to the contract).

Current proposals:

Prof. Ulrike Stamer from Inselspital Bern has submitted a proposal. Research question:

Title (working version): Pain-related outcomes after total knee arthroplasty in patients with sufficient nerve blocks, “failed” RA and systemic analgesia

Research question:

Many publications show advantages of RA compared to systemic analgesia for TKA and indeed, a well performed block can provide excellent analgesia. Clinical reality shows, that a lot of nerve blocks only partially work or work not at all and patients are in need of additional opioids. This was the finding in a previous analysis of Swiss PAIN OUT data (high proportion of patients with RA already changing to systemic analgesia in the RR or on the ward with pain-outcome and opioid consumption comparable to the systemic analgesia group).

What is the proportion of patients in these groups in routine clinical settings, specifically the rate of failed blocks (defined by additional opioids necessary for analgesia)? Differentiation between continuous nerve block and single shot nerve block might possibly show that outcome of single shot RA is comparable to failed continuous block and systemic analgesia?

Does patient-reported outcomes differ between these groups?

Lead author: Michael Harnik

Target journal: to be decided (EJA, EJP, JPain)