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New Features in the PAIN OUT Data Base

A - Project Phase Variable

You can find this field in the "Screening" tab while entering data. Here you can enter any number that represents the phase of a project you are in. E.g., you could collect data in phase 1, then implement changes in medications, and collect data afterwards in phase 2 in order to assess the effects. If you do not need this field, simply leave it empty.

B - Sending the Questionnaire via Email

With this feature you can save time because you do not need the paper outcomes questionnaire any more. At the moment, this feature is only available in English. We are working on implementing it in all PAIN OUT languages. This is how it works:

1. The research assistant/data collector creates a dataset, using the data entry mask as usual. Process data is entered just like before.

2. The research assistant/data collector enters the email-address the questionnaire should be sent to and presses the "send" button.

3. An email is sent to this email-address, explaining what the mail is about. The patient clicks on a link so the browser opens and the outcomes questionnaire can be completed online.

4. This can be done on the patients' own devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet) or on hospital devices. In case hospital devices are used, please make sure that hygiene standards are adhered to.