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Training for data collectors


Read the SOPs

New data collectors should first study the Questionnaires and the Standard Operating Procedures carefully.
PAIN OUT outcome questionnaires in all available languages can be found under downloads.

Do the quiz

Afterwards, new collectors can take the quiz. After the quiz, they get feedback from the PAIN OUT team on the results and what needs to be improved.

How to approach the patient

The following videos will help you in learning how to approach the patient. You can also download the videos here.
Patient Interview 1:
Standard Situation
Patient Interview 2:
Incomplete Questionnaire
Patient Interview 3:
Refused Participation
Patient Interview 4:
Acceptable Assistance
Patient Interview 5:
Limitations on Assistance
Patient Interview 6:
Dealing with Visitors
Patient Interview 7:
Visiting Relatives
Patient Interview 8:
Non-Native Speakers
Patient Interview 9:
Multilingual Questionnaires