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2015-06-01 Second prize for euCPSP abstract at Euroanaesthesia2015

We are happy to congratulate Ulrike Stamer (Bern) on winning the second prize for her abstract on the PAIN OUT sub-project euCPSP.

2015-04-27 PAIN OUT is now an official ESA research group

2015-04-27 PAIN OUT Business Meeting at Euroanaeshesia on Sunday, 31 May from 14:00 to 16:00

ESA Research group on PAIN OUT will be having a meeting at the Congress in Berlin

Sunday, 31 May from 14:00 to 16:00, room M8 - Open for everyone!



  1. Latest findings from PAIN OUT: Risk Score for postoperative pain (Pogatzki), Pain and PONV (Stamer)
  2. Project news on PAIN OUT and PAIN OUTinfant: (Zaslansky)
  3. Light beats Pain: Discussion of an observational study protocol – open for interested sites (Meißner)
  4. User reports, Misc.


2015-03-11 NESA Days 2015

Highlights of the Program - NESA Days 2015

PAIN OUT cooperates with NESA (New European Surgical Academy). On NESA Days 2015 a talk on "Surgical technique and post operative pain" will be given by Prof. Meissner, coordinator of PAIN OUT. For more information, please go to:


2015-02-24 Euroanaesthesia Congress in Berlin

2014-07-09 Now 23 languages in PAIN OUT

With our latest addition of Icelandic, PAIN OUT is proud to have translated its validated patient outcomes questionnaire into 23 languages this month.