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2019-10-29 New items and filters for the benchmarkserver

We are proud to announce an improvement in the usablity of the benchmarkserver.

We have added several new items for you to asees, including the percentage of wound infiltration, regional anesthesia, the use of opioids, non-pharmacological methods and so on.

Further, you are now able to dig much deeper into your data on the benchmarkserver. New filters allow you to define your patient cohorts much more detailed and thoroughly.

Please log in, have a look, and tell us what you think.


2019-10-21 PAIN OUT results in Revista Mexicana de Anestesiologia

The Mexican network has developed recommendations regarding postoperative pain management: Link to Revista Mexicana de Anestesiologia.pdf

2019-08-26 New filters for your benchmarking

We added some new ways to filter your patients. You can now further get more details on regional anesthesia, gender a.s.o 

Check it out!

2019-08-21 New QUIPS publication in PLoS One

PLoS ONE 14(8): e0221188.: Geißler K, Ducke M, Volk GF, Meißner W, Guntinas-Lichius O (2019),

Pain on the first postoperative day after tonsillectomy in adults: A comparison of metamizole versus etoricoxib as baseline analgesic


2019-06-13 PAIN OUT Symposium in Valencia

Together with IASP's Special Interest Group Acute Pain, PAIN OUT will have a symposium and a networks meeting in Valencia on 03 September 2019.

Please click here for more information: Program

Registration is open now. Please click here: Link to registration



2019-05-28 New PAIN OUT publication: Non-Pharmacological Methods and Post-Operative Pain Relief: An Observational Study

Results from PAIN OUT data regarding the effect of non-pharmacological methods for pain treatment published in Anesth. Pain Med. doi: 10.5812/aapm.84674.


2019-03-13 Newsletter about Update of Process Questionnaire

2018-11-05 PAIN OUT is growing in China

China is a fast-growing and -developing country. PAIN OUT is very happy to take part in this journey. Winfried Meißner and Ruth Zaslansky went to Beijing in October to meet the participants of the Chinese PAIN OUT networks at the Kick-off meeting. At the moment, 25 hospitals all over the country started collecting data and benchmarking their patients' pain reception. We are looking forward to the results.

2018-08-07 New IMI Project for Improving Pain Care

On 01 April 2018 IMI-PainCare, a new IMI project aiming at improving pain management started. IMI-PainCare will closely collaborate with PAIN OUT.

More information