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Questionnaires, SOPs and training videos (general)

  • PAIN OUT outcome questionnaires in all languages: Download
  • PAIN OUT process questionnaire: Download
  • PAIN OUT standard operating procedures: Download (EFIC project partners: please see the language-specific SOPs below)
  • PAIN OUT quiz: Download
  • Training videos can be downloaded here
  • PAIN OUT Publication Strategy: Download


PAIN OUT logo for posters etc.



Tools for off-line analysis

  • PAIN OUT data dictionary: . To use the data dictionary, please unzip the downloaded file. Then, open the unzipped directory and open the file index.html. Choose the table with the variables you desire on the left side. It can further help to download the annotated process questionnaire, where the names of all variables are linked to their respective question: Download
  • PAIN OUT annotated process questionnaire Download
  • PAIN OUT annotated english outcomes questionnaire Download


Helpful presentations


PAIN OUT South Africa



(due to its file-size, the Chinese SOPs needed to be split into 2 parts)


EFIC - PAIN OUT project

Documents for notified participants of the EFIC-PAIN OUT project


Travel costs

Travel costs reimbursement request


Process questionnaire



The cooperation agreement and its annexes will be sent by e-mail.