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Management of postoperative pain in patients with diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a major public health concern with a growing prevalence.

There is limited information which is specific to management of postoperative pain in diabetic patients within the sources used by the EKL.

Evidence based recommendations specific to the condition:

Patients with diabetes mellitus may have renal insufficiency as a comorbidity. This should be assessed and analgesics, particularly NSAIDs given accordingly.

Epidural anaesthesia/analgesia may reduce insulin resistance in comparison to general anaesthesia/systemic analgesia in patients who were insulin resistant preoperatively ANZCA chapter 7.2.1, p 182.


There is little information related specifically to patients with diabetes mellitus within the sources of the EKL. Postoperative pain management of these patients should take into account that these patients may have renal comorbidities.

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