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Concept and main ideas

Every year, millions of surgeries are performed. At least half of the patients suffer from moderate to severe post-operative pain. The price of poorly managed postoperative pain is very high. Pain impedes recovery; it causes suffering, it overloads health care resources. Resolving pain is a moral obligation of every healthcare provider.
The overall goal of PAIN OUT (Improvement in postoperative PAIN OUTcome) is to improve clinical care of patients with postoperative pain, in developed as well as in developing countries.
This is achieved by collecting patient-reported pain outcomes as well as clinical data in a highly standardized procedure, using a questionnaire available in 18 languages. Participating hospitals subsequently receive online feedback about their results and benchmarking with other hospitals. Longitudinal records allow follow-up of changes over time.
More than 200 hospitals take part in PAIN OUT and its German counterpart QUIPS, having collected more than 550,000 datasets altogether.

PAIN OUT tools

PAIN OUT aims at improving postoperative pain outcomes by use of:
• a benchmark module that feeds back results
• an Electronic Knowledge Library providing easy access to current guidelines

What‘s your benefit from joining PAIN OUT?

1. Continuous feedback and analyses of your own quality of care (quality assurance tool)
2. Comparing your own results with hospitals around the world (benchmarking)
3. By evaluating your own results you will be able to implement change management concepts and to provide your patients with better care
4. Participating in research opportunities (PAIN OUT is one of the world's largest databases on postoperative pain)
5. Access to the Electronic Knowledge Library (summary of different guidelines on acute pain, with easy access to the original citations)
6. Becoming part of the world’s largest network of clinicians involved in acute pain


More Information

Study registration: PAIN OUT is registered in the registry (identifier NCT02083835)

Please download our flyer and our poster to get more information: